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75+ $2,100,000+ 40,000+

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Our Services

Paid Advertising

We have managed over $500,000+ in

Ad spend between Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok and It has proved to be one of the most effective ways to sell out events. If you aren't already running paid ads you're truly missing out....

Content Creation

One stop shop for all your content needs

with quick turn around times!

  • Static Flyers

  • Tour Flyers

  • 3D Motion Flyers

  • Tour Merch Designs

  • Professional Photos

  • Professional Videos

  • Concert Recaps

  • Vlogs / Full Sets

Case Studies

Ohgeesy / Mike Sherm / D Savage / Xavier Wulf / Lil Tracy / Shordie Shordie / Kalan FrFr / BlueBucksClan / Autumn! / Summrs Kankan / Fenix Flexin / Bino Rideaux / RJMRLA / Phora / Dom Corleo / K Camp / The Game / Lil Maru / SOBxRBE / Lil Skies




About US

Marketing Trap Agency

We are a niche advertisement agency that caters towards promoters, venues and talent agencies. We help increase sales to any event or tour through paid advertising strategies. Our company was founded by a Talent Buyers / Independent promoter who truly understands the financial back end of the live events industry. So on top of being a killer ad machine we have the knowledge and ability to consult with you and provide our expertise opinion on how to level up your events and maximize your profits.

How Long Does It Take To Get Onboarded?

1-3 Business Days!

No long wait times to get started, Our onboarding process is quick and easy. We understand your event is probably right around the corner so we want to jump on it as quick as possible to make sure your event is sold out!

How Will You Target the Ads?

We will get on a call and work together to understand your ideal customer profile. By that we mean what type of genre music is going on, wheres location of the event, and what age group are we going after is this an underground hip hop show or a nightclub? All those things will be established at the beginning of our strategy call and we can absolutely target the exact customer we come up with.

How Does Pricing Work?

Our pricing is simple and fair

$1 X Venue Capacity = Service Fee


If Venue capacity is 1,000 we will charge $1 x 1,000 = $1,000 Service Fee

Do We Have To Sign Any Long Term Contracts?

We price our services on a per event basis! No long term contracts or monthly payments required.

How Do We Get Started?

Easy, Click the link above to speak with an expert today and book an appointment! We offer free consultation calls for your next event. We will sit down and strategize with you to help maximize your profit and increase your chances of selling out.